Tickled Pink!!

May 14, 2008

I had the priveledge to photograph the first annual Tickled Pink event. This event took place in order to honor breast cancer survivors. I was so lucky just to be able to attend this event. These women were such an inspiration. They go through so much and remain so strong.  I took a lot of pictures of the decorations, though they aren’t the most important thing, they were just so much fun. Take a look at a few from this event.



having a great time celebrating




I sat at the same table as these two. So sweet, she brought her grandma, but told her they were just going to dinner. Her grandmother had no idea she was bringing her to Tickled Pink to be honored.


something i made.


 Dr. Kent C. Osborne gave a speech about breast cancer research. I learned so much listening to his speech

 This is Beth Sanders Moore, she is a breast cancer survivor and had a story full of hope and faith. She said she was thankful for her cancer because of the women it has made her today and how strong she is because of it. It was such an uplifting speech.

 Just a few of the survivors receiving their one of a kind necklace.

 and Julie got to meet her idol – Jennifer Reyna.  You might recognize Jennifer from KPRC Local 2. If you wake up that early


 lookat all that pink



 some of the ladies behind it all



One Response to “Tickled Pink!!”

  1. Ashley White said


    i’m soooo excited about them!!! they look AWESOME!! YAY!!! you did such a wonderful WONDERFUL job!!!

    you have a new customer for life! so get ready! 🙂

    thanks so much again Ashley!

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